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5:22 am PST, Jan 16, Kevin Rogers, California


4:36 am PST, Jan 16, Peter P.S. Van Dijk, Netherlands
Why would the people & governments of the Netherlands and Great-Britain care for people that selfishly went abroad for the last tenth procent of interest, leaving their own country financially behind? They took the risk, now let them be responsible for it themselves! Don't dump your reckless failure on the people of your native country, you selfishly left behind earlier, or dump it on the innocent people of Iceland! If the people of Iceland are not responsible for the private banking business, how can they rightfully be forced to be financially punished and ruined, in essences becoming slaves to the New World Order? I WISH THE PEOPLE OF ICELAND YOU ALL THE STRENGTH IN THESE TESTING TIMES. May the Creator and his honest people stand on your side, the side of Truth. Only the Truth will set you and us free.


3:51 am PST, Jan 16, Jan Dominic Bolus, Philippines
People of Iceland, please continue the fight against debt-ensalvement. Your government officials do not have the right to use your money for paying the huge debt of the private bank. You are the ones that should be deciding and not those officials. If you would triumph against this fight for freedom, you will be a great inspiration to the lovers of liberty all throughout the world. Our support for your cause will always be with you. Stand firm and continue the fight for your liberty!
We signed the "Save the People of Iceland - the Official Petition" petition!

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Neyđarkall til ţjóđa heimsins!

15.januar 2010

Neyđarkall til ţjóđa heimsins!

Save the People of Iceland: the Official Petition


 blis a bessastöđum

Iceland may be the first Western democracy to be forced into South-American style debt-slavery. The IMF, in concert with the UK and the Netherlands, has attempted to strongarm the recently impoverished Island of 317,000 into paying over 3.6 billion pounds ($6.3bn) — $86,000 per Icelandic family — at 5.5% interest for the next generation. The money is not conventional government debt, but arises from the collapse of a private multi-national bank during the financial crisis. The issue is so serious that the entire nation will vote on the issue towards the end of February 2010.On December 30, 2009, after extraordinary diplomatic threats, Iceland’s parliament passed narrowly a bill agreeing to pay the onerous terms. Only a few months earlier parliament had agreed to the full amount, but under more reasonable conditions.The people of Iceland must be internationally supported, so they can feel safe in voting down debt-slavery. If Iceland falls, it won’t be long before other countries suffer similar financial extortion.



A Call to the People of the World to Support Iceland Against Financial Blackmail

Editor’s note: Birgitta Jónsdóttir is the leader of The Movement, a group within the Icelandic Parliament which has emerged from the mass struggle of Icelanders against the financial blackmail brought to bear against their country by the governments in London and The Hague, with the backing of the IMF, in the wake of the insolvency of three large Icelandic banks in the midst of the Lehman Brothers-AIG world financial panic of September-October2008. Birgitta Jonsdottir is a courageous leader in the fight for national sovereignty, independence, dignity, and the economic well-being and future of her country.
birgitta Jonsdottir
Birgitta Jónsdóttir is the leader of The Movement, a group within the Icelandic Parliament which has emerged from the mass struggle of Icelanders against the financial blackmail. 

January 5, 2010 is a historical day for Icelanders. The Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson had a tough decision to make, and difficult choices to make. To listen to the 23% of the nation that signed a petition calling on him to put the state guarantee for 5.4 billion dollars to be paid to the British and Dutch governments to a national referendum. Or to ignore the nation and sign the bill for the government, after the bill had been passed through the parliament with a narrow vote on December 30, 2009 after months of acrimonious debate, tainted with secrecy and dishonesty on the part of the government. Every day throughout the debate, new information would emerge and documents would leak to local media or wikileaks. Yesterday, the people of Iceland finally had a chance to have something to say about their fate, because if the state guarantee is accepted it will mean that Iceland will become like a third world country, spending its GDP largely on paying interest on foreign debt. Last summer, a bill for a state guarantee was passed that had a significant meaning not only for Iceland, but also for other nations around the world facing the same problems of private debt being forced on taxpayers. The bill included a reasonable and fair way of handling the interest and the debt: Icelanders would pay, but only a certain percentage of their GDP, and if there were to be another financial black hole, they would not pay during that time. Thus it comes as no surprise that the Dutch and British governments reacted so swiftly with a condemnation of Iceland’s citizens for having the audacity to think they have the right to exercise their democratic rights in deciding for themselves what is in the best economic interests of their nation.






Viđtal viđ Birgittu Jónsdóttir á  INFOWARS.com  







Undirskrifta síđa ALEX JONES  -


Neyđarblys á Bessastöđum

InDefence of ICESLAVES


Hvađ er nú tungan? - Ćtli enginn
orđin tóm séu lífsins forđi. -
Hún er list, sem logar af hreysti,
lifandi sál í greyptu stáli,
andans form í mjúkum myndum,
minnissaga farinna daga,
flaumar lífs, í farveg komnir
fleygrar aldar, er striki halda.

Tungan geymir í tímans straumi
trú og vonir landsins sona,
dauđastunur og dýpstu raunir,
darrađarljóđ frá elztu ţjóđum.
Heiftareim og ástarbríma,
örlagahljóm og refsidóma,
land og stund í lifandi myndum
ljóđi vígđum - geymir í sjóđi.

Matthías Jochumsson
1835 - 1920



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Climategate - langţráđ yfirráđ!

 Vísindamenn hagrćđa sannleikanum fyrir "alhmeims stjórnina"

Réttar fjárhćđir fyrir RÉTTAR skýrslur.


Christopher Monckton

climate scientist on

Fraudulent Global warming climate change scam.

Global goverment MASS 'conspiracy' among the Labcoats.





This film by the documentary-maker Martin Durkin presents

the arguments of scientists and commentators who don't believe

that CO2 produced by human activity is the main cause of climate change.

The Great Global Warming Swindle, part 1 of 9


Al Gore

sued by over 30.000 Scientists for fraud! 




Glenn Beck:

Global Warming greatest scam in history





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Fyrsti dómur fellur í gengistryggđu láni


Sá enga ađra leiđ en ađ svipta sig lífi

Föstudagur 4. desember 2009 kl 08:00


Ţjófabandalagiđ er ţéttriđiđ net hagsmuna tengsla. Kemur ykkur nokkuđ á
óvart ţessi SP-dómur.



 Michael Tsarion - Control of Humanity 1/11




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Svelta skepnuna


Inheimtukerfi fjármálastofnana eru sjálvirkar, ómanneskjulegar glćpa masskínur.
Tökum ţessa gráđugu skepnu úr sambandi!



Fjarmál viđtal

Johannes B.Lúđvíksson




USA mótmćlir sínu skrímsli.


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Grafarţögn frettamiđla!

Stökkbreytt pest breiđist nú á ofurhrađa um evrópu!








Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine

Deadly flu continues to spread across Ukraine, criminal World Health Organization lies to the public, MSM maintains radio silence.


I am not fond of the World Health Organization. In my opinion, it is a tool of corrupt billionaire international financiers with which to achieve their dark global geopolitical objectives in the area of public health.


If one examines the charts posted at the beginning of this article, it becomes apparent the Ukraine outbreak begins approximately Oct 28 – 30, 2009 if we are to believe the official statistics.



Last year, Chicago-based Baxter Pharmaceutical sent deadly contaminated flu vaccine to multiple sub-contractor laboratories in multiple countries – to include , at minimum Czech Republic, Slovania, Austria, and Germany. Baxter's vaccine product was represented as H3N2 “seasonal flu” vaccine material – but this product that was somehow “accidentally” contaminated with the 30-80% deadly H5N1 'bird flu'.



Given that I run in the Internet underworld, I do have the scoop on this interesting story. In August 2009, a patriot radio host (Dr. A True Ott) on Republic Broadcast Network (RBN) received a phone call from an unidentified man with a thick Middle-Eastern accent. The man claimed to have knowledge of a large Baxter production facility in Ukraine, which he claimed was involved in producing biological weapons –




Anyone who carefully studies the world we live in , with an appetite for the truth and a discerning eye, will quickly realize we have been sold a false bill of goods. A pack of lies, if you will. The truth is, Governments are incredibly corrupt, and they are getting worse. Large Banks are criminal enterprises.


Grafarţögn stóru fréttamiđlana er sláandi!

I have mentioned the silence in the MSM on this issue. The only significant story I have noted was a story in Bloomberg.


Sjá grein samantekt.



Where Did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From?

Why Isn’t the H1N1 Pandemic Flu Being Investigated as a Designed Bioweapon?

Bill Sardi Archives

Co-creator of Tamiflu says 'swine flu' was created in a lab



Dr. True Ott



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Fćđukeđjan útrýming!

Veröldin fćđukeđjan útrýming!

The World According to Monsanto


Codex is a threat to human health, human rights, democracy and national sovereignty.

The 31th of december 2009 the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will become official.

We will eat the modificated seeds and other bad stuff, but the

World Elite invested mountains of money for itself for this seeds bank.


Svalbardi Global Seed Vault opened its doors on February 26, 2008.
World Bank IMF  Globalization
JOHN PİLGER , award winning journalist documentary!


CNN - Professor wants doomsday, human depopulation

Population Control: An Interview with Professor Eric Pianka




The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See!

Mindcontrol professor útskýrir stađreyndir!

Ţessi manneyđingar áćtlun er kennsluefni í háskólum usa!

1 af 8







D3 vítamin gegn svínaflensu.

vaccine-deaths and autism







D3- vítamín.

Fjölhćft vítamín.

Vinnur á móti eđa gegn

16 tegundum af krabbameini,

Kvefi, flensu, bakteríum, vírusum

Bólgum, sýkingum, berklum,sykursíki,

Bakverkjum, vefjagikt, astma, Ţunglyndi, alzeimer,

Háum blóđţrýstingi, beinţynningu, Öldrun,

Lystaleisi, tannskemmdum,


D3- Vítamín.

Vinnur gegnum

húđina frá orkugeislaum sólar.

UVB  geislar breitast í (7- dehydro-cholesterol) D3 vítamín.

Eykur Serótin magn í heilanum, styrkir minniđ, onćmiskerfiđ,

lifrina, nýrun, innkyrtla, insulin,

kalkupptöku, grćđir sár, eflir lungunn,

eikur ţrótt, styrkir bein.


Fólk sem býr fyrir norđan 30 breiddargráđu er nauđsynlegt

ađ byrgja sig upp af D3 yfir vetrar mánuđina.

Vegna inni setu, sólarvarnar-krema, ásamt minnkandi vítamín gćđa í mat.

Fullornir um ţađ bil 1000 IU- 5000 IU.

D3-vítamín Higher Nature nýtist líkamanum best (grein á íslensku)




Video fyrirlestur á ensku.



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Samţykki ŢITT eđa EU-WHO-NWO

Ađvörun - Finnland!



Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, doctor, diplomat and former
health minister in Lapland,
reports about the unbelievable hidden truths of the life and those world!
Fyrverandi Heilbrigđismálaráđherra!
Varar viđ bólusetnigum vegna H1N1 svínaflensu.
Einnig vinsćll riithöfundur, bćkur á Íslensku,
Dauđinn er ekki til. Sendibođi frá stjörnunum m.a.

Ađvörun- Canada!


DR. Jeffrey Andrew Moulden

Lćknaráđstefna Montreal Canada September 19-21 2009

Taugaskađar, heilaskađar, af völdum bóluefna, frá vöggu til fullorđinsáranna.

Einhverfa, ADHD, MS, Tourett, Vefjagikt, Alzeimer m.a.

Bólusetningar vegna lifrabólgu B/HIV/AIDS



Ađvörun Holland!

Desiree Rover hefur ransakađ sögu bóluefna

"Vaccinations, Weapons of Mass Destruction"

August 1, 2009 at the "State of the Planet" conference, in Amsterdam, Netherlands


MARGAR Ađvaranir - USA!

Dr.Len Horowitz.

Dr. True Ott,

DR. Bill Dagel,

Dr. Russell Blaylock,

Dr. Rebecca Carley,

Dr. Rima Laibow,

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny,

Dr. Mercola,

Phd. Patricia doyle.


Ađvörun - Aron Russo

Opinberun frá Aron Russo

Aćtlun Elitunar/Illuminati/frímúrara/Rocafeller/Rothchild/NWO.




Frakkland frettir.



Baxter fréttir!

GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Baxter fengu m.a. margra miljarđa bóluefna-samninga


Frettir Polland!




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