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The World According to Monsanto


Codex is a threat to human health, human rights, democracy and national sovereignty.

The 31th of december 2009 the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will become official.

We will eat the modificated seeds and other bad stuff, but the

World Elite invested mountains of money for itself for this seeds bank.


Svalbardi Global Seed Vault opened its doors on February 26, 2008.
World Bank IMF  Globalization
JOHN PİLGER , award winning journalist documentary!


CNN - Professor wants doomsday, human depopulation

Population Control: An Interview with Professor Eric Pianka




The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See!

Mindcontrol professor útskýrir stađreyndir!

Ţessi manneyđingar áćtlun er kennsluefni í háskólum usa!

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Samţykki ŢITT eđa EU-WHO-NWO

Ađvörun - Finnland!



Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, doctor, diplomat and former
health minister in Lapland,
reports about the unbelievable hidden truths of the life and those world!
Fyrverandi Heilbrigđismálaráđherra!
Varar viđ bólusetnigum vegna H1N1 svínaflensu.
Einnig vinsćll riithöfundur, bćkur á Íslensku,
Dauđinn er ekki til. Sendibođi frá stjörnunum m.a.

Ađvörun- Canada!


DR. Jeffrey Andrew Moulden

Lćknaráđstefna Montreal Canada September 19-21 2009

Taugaskađar, heilaskađar, af völdum bóluefna, frá vöggu til fullorđinsáranna.

Einhverfa, ADHD, MS, Tourett, Vefjagikt, Alzeimer m.a.

Bólusetningar vegna lifrabólgu B/HIV/AIDS



Ađvörun Holland!

Desiree Rover hefur ransakađ sögu bóluefna

"Vaccinations, Weapons of Mass Destruction"

August 1, 2009 at the "State of the Planet" conference, in Amsterdam, Netherlands


MARGAR Ađvaranir - USA!

Dr.Len Horowitz.

Dr. True Ott,

DR. Bill Dagel,

Dr. Russell Blaylock,

Dr. Rebecca Carley,

Dr. Rima Laibow,

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny,

Dr. Mercola,

Phd. Patricia doyle.


Ađvörun - Aron Russo

Opinberun frá Aron Russo

Aćtlun Elitunar/Illuminati/frímúrara/Rocafeller/Rothchild/NWO.




Frakkland frettir.



Baxter fréttir!

GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Baxter fengu m.a. margra miljarđa bóluefna-samninga


Frettir Polland!




mbl.is Bóluefni senn á markađ
Tilkynna um óviđeigandi tengingu viđ frétt

Islenska hruniđ!






The financial crash in Iceland early October 2008, is a man made catastrophe. 

The financial crash in Iceland early October 2008, is a man made catastrophe.  The Government of Geir Haarde as prime minister, and with David Oddson chairman of the Icelandic Central Bank, collapsed the complete financial structure of this small nation Iceland. Although they knew about it more than 1 year in advance, and now they blame the Icelandic businessmen and private bank sector! The Icelandic banks,Glitnir, Kaupthing, Straumur,Spron and Landsbanki are bankrupt.

The World War in the finance crisis, going on to day, is a diabolical, overt act against the populace of the world at large. Where the Secret Money powers in the world, the Illuminati and Bilderberg to name a few, are seeking to establish the New World Order, by setting up a world centralized financial control system. The governments of the world that are working on this plan, willingly or unknowingly, will achieve this through the Central Banks in each country. They do not care of increased unemployment, increase of hunger and disease in undeveloped countries, during the progress of this plan. Along with collapsing independent nations finance structure. They do not care about the World crisis. Their end, justifies their means!

 Enslaving a small Nation.

Volume 1.

This new book gives a new and fresh insight into the financial crisis in Iceland, the basic reason, of this serious crash. The Iceland crash is no ordinary financial crisis, it lies in the criminally insane decisions, made by politicians in Iceland. With full support of the parliament Althingi. The events of this autumn are not new or unforeseen, the situation has been building up steadily stronger the last 10 to 15 years. The Iceland Crash is the fruit of total greed, after the greatest national wealth of Iceland was given out to selected few, despite constitutional laws. The Icesave accounts and the aftermath, is a last resort of a scam, before the financial structure of Iceland crashed. At this time it is known that the last 4 days before the Iceland crash, huge amounts of funds were transferred from Icesave UK through Landsbanki, to foreign bank accounts in Cayman Islands, funds which the citizens of Iceland are now responsible for.

The Icelandic Politicians are mostly responsible for the financial crisis in Iceland. But don't want to admit it and take the responsibility. That is a fact. The people in Iceland on the other hand are also responsible for the crisis, since we voted for these so called politicians.. The average Geir and David in Iceland has always spent more than he has earned, that is spend now and pay later. This reflects in a continuing negative external trade balance. In many cases the average Icelander has so much debt that he breaks the No-Ponzi-Game condition. A No-Ponzi-game condition is a constraint, that prevents over accumulation of debt, that is you can’t spend more money than your life's income. But now we have also spent, our childrens life income. At least the crooks stole the money from Icesave accounts UK and in Holland, and some more. The Icelandic government is not even researching where the money went from the Icesave account. It is known that the last four days before the Iceland crash,huge amounts of funds were transferred from Icesave accounts to Landsbanki Iceland,and then vanished!

The Antisocial Personality.

Attributes of the Antisocial Personality.

There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes which cause about 20 percent of a race to oppose violently any betterment activity or group. Such people are known to have antisocial tendencies. When the legal or political structure of a country becomes such as to favor such personalities in positions of trust, then all the civilizing organizations of the country become suppressed and a barbarism of criminality and economic duress ensues.The antisocial personality has the following attributes:



The speech that got John F. Kennedy Killed

Operation overwatch- yfirlit frá fólki um FEMA!

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Stjórnborđ hótel jörđ "GROUP"

CBS " 60 MINUTES" documentary on the swine flu epidemics of 1976 in the U.S. It went on air only once and was never shown again. Please look at this, it talks by itself.

Funding the Flu Game

Political analysts have long suspected that the swine-flu vaccine program was among the factors that cost Gerald Ford the 1976 election;

David Sencer, the director of the CDC at the time, was fired over it.

Then, during the next decade, the government paid $85 billion to citizens claiming injuries from the vaccine itself, including a number of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological disease with some similarities to multiple sclerosis.

Consequently, as much as government scientists may profess to worry about the emergence of pandemic flu strains, it's sub-rosa policy that the disease isn't mentioned in their annual requests for money from House and Senate appropriations panels.

Virologist Robert Webster says he and his colleagues worry about being accused of crying wolf. "If we were able to say for certain that the next one will be like 1918, we would rush to Congress," he says.

The NIH's Joel Breman is frank about what it would take to refocus Congress on the flu: "Of course, what helps — what always helps — is an epidemic."

Úrklippa frá Rollingstone magazine.

Dr. Bill Deagle hefur innsýn í "black projects" og vel ađ sér í "Bioterror"







Baxter to develop swein flu vaccine despite bird flu scandal.


Donald Rumsfelt m.a. eigandi TAMYFLU!


Kynntu ţér máliđ!




Að reyna sjá meira gott en slæmt, en vera samt meðvitaður um

blekkingarvef manna.


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